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Libby’s Blog

California Romance

I’m preparing to go back to California for the first time since we moved last summer. I’ve been missing my family and friends, and also the flavors of SoCal, so expect me to be over-indulging in In-N-Out before the long drought begins again. It’s a...

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Pink Dogwood

There is a pink dogwood tree in my back yard. This is the first spring I’ve seen it bloom and it has been lovely. Even in the rain the pink petals flare like ballerinas pirouetting. Everything else in southern Connecticut is getting greener by the day. I have to...

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New firsts

Since I have two small children, I find myself documenting their firsts a lot. First steps, first words, first haircut. After those initial milestones, there are different firsts to look forward to. First day of school. First night away from home. First (gasp!) date....

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