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The future of RWA

Over the holiday break, the members of the romance writing community were stunned by a series of events within the national organization of Romance Writers of America. I've been a member since 2011, and as of January 1, became the president of my local chapter, CTRWA....

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What the heck is high concept?

One of the buzz phrases in genre fiction is high concept. You might have heard this phrase in the sentence, "Your story is not high concept enough." Well, not every story needs to be high concept, but it's nice to know what it means, anyway. In my two-hour remote...

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Conflict in Contemporary Romance

Way back when I was a baby writer and I sat down to try to write my first romance novel, I began to write a historical. I fell in love with romance by reading historical novels full of humor and great dialogue and the angst of two people falling in love who society...

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