You can’t make someone love you. But what if they already do?

Best friends Ophelia Winesap and Jamie Kendell both work with kids, adore dessert, and will be in-laws once their respective cousins finally tie the knot. Their friendship has one rule: no discussing love, sex, or romance. Self-declared spinster Ophelia doesn’t want to waste her energy when love is an illusion and sex isn’t nearly as satisfying as a chocolate cupcake.

Jamie uses their pact to avoid telling Ophelia he’s been pining for her since they met, but things get complicated when a night of platonic bed-sharing leads to Jamie’s discovery that Ophelia might be just as attracted to him as he is to the curvy blonde. And when the bride-to-be demands their plus-ones to the wedding, Ophelia finds herself hoping Jamie won’t want to bring anyone but her.

Friends with benefits is one thing, but a real relationship is so much more. While Jamie’s ready to commit, Ophelia’s a proud member of the “Never a Bride” club. Jamie knows he can’t make Ophelia love him back… but maybe she already does?


Book two of a steamy new series about four bridesmaids at a Santa Barbara society wedding who form a pact to be Never a Bride.