Take a Chance is now live!

When I first got the idea to do a contemporary romance series based on the reboot of a teen soap a la Dawson’s Creek, I knew that I’d want to include gay characters both in my fictional television show and in my cast of romantic leads. Jack McPhee (played by Kerr Smith) was a groundbreaking and iconic character on Dawson’s Creek and I always wondered what it might be like to be a closeted actor playing a straight character while another actor played an iconically gay character—thus Crosby and Darren’s particular storyline was born.

I’ve written queer characters into most of my books since I started writing romance, but none of my series have featured a queer main love story until now. As an indie author, you hear a lot that you should “stay in your lane” and write the same types of pairings, same subgenres, and sometimes even similar tropes from book to book to help you build an audience. I know the audience for a male/male romance isn’t exactly the same for a male/female romance, but I had to write this story, even if not everyone who dives into the Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot series decides to read this particular entry. That’s fine! Read what you want to read, and don’t read what you don’t. But I hope the people who do take a chance on Crosby and Darren’s story enjoy it and come back to read the fifth and final book in the series, Take Me Over, which is about Ariel Tulip, the last of the Cove cast to get her happily ever after.

Take a Chance was super fun to write, because it combines a lot of my favorite things—snow, staying in hotels, games, and cute boys falling in love. Introducing Crosby turned out of be one of my favorite parts of writing the second book in this series, Take a Bow, but Darren was more of a mystery to me until I started writing this story. They’ll both be back in Take Me Over, which is on pre-order now for its April 2024 release.

I can’t believe I’m almost done writing this series! It’s been a true joy to create this world and spend so much time in Misty Harbor. Thank you for reading!