Flirting with Her Professor

Flirting with fire

For five years, Bree Ross has been haunted by the indelible memory of her one-night-only encounter with her favorite professor. When she finds herself back on campus for her five-year college reunion, the Scottish art history professor who makes tweed look sexy is as appealing as ever. But she’s returned for business, not pleasure. How hard could it be to convince her ex-professor to write her a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

Strait-laced Professor Aidan Worthy adhered to his morals his entire teaching career… until Bree Ross walked into his office on the eve of her graduation. Guilt plagues him for his one transgression because that amazing night has been seared onto his brain. He isn’t exactly thrilled to discover the spark between them is still there after five years of silence, especially since he doubts he’ll be able to resist temptation any better now.

Over the course of the tumultuous reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, Bree and Aidan confront their past and consider their future, all while navigating their searing hot chemistry.

Flirting with Her Professor is a stand-alone, steamy second-chance romance novella with a happily-ever-after. Read the Weston Reunion trio in any order to get a triple helping of sexy second-chance romance.


This short, sexy, second-chances novella was previously published under the title Passionate History. Minor edits to the text have been made in this version.