Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot Series

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Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot

Twelve years after being canceled, a beloved teen drama gets the green light for a reboot—and the show’s once and future stars upend lives in the small seaside town where it’s filmed.

Take Two

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Book One

As teen stars, their young love splintered under the spotlight of fame.

Twelve years later, their incredible chemistry is still there…but is their relationship ready for a Take Two?

Jay Orlando used to be a lot of things—notorious heartthrob, second lead on cult favorite teen drama Sawyer’s Cove, and in hopeless first love with his costar Camille Corsair. Now he’s a humble bar owner reluctantly trading on his onetime fame while she’s a certified star. When Cami walks into his bar, the last thing he expects her to say are the words “reboot” and “contract.” While Cami is tempting as ever, Jay has no intention of reprising his role—on the show or in Cami’s life.

Cami’s fledgling producing career hinges on getting her ex-costar and the boy who broke her heart to sign on the dotted line. Her return to Misty Harbor, the small seaside town where they shot the original show, reminds her of a simpler time. She’s not expecting the place to feel like home, or to be reminded of all the reasons she fell in love with Jay Orlando in the first place.

Hollywood meets small-town New England in this brand-new steamy contemporary romance series.

Take a Bow

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Book Two

Falling for your secret no-strings fling is never a great idea—but it’s even worse when she’s your best friend’s sister. 

Returning to Misty Harbor to film a new season of Sawyer’s Cove is as close to a vacation as Nash Speedwell is going to get. Between acting in a big-budget historical epic series, raising money for charity, and doing endless press tours, he barely has time for his other gig as a singer-songwriter. He’s excited to return to the role that made him a star—and he’s even more excited to be near Mimi Orlando. Mimi is more than the big sister of Nash’s best friend and a librarian with a wild streak — for years, every time he’s visited Misty Harbor, Nash has found his way to Mimi’s bed.

Casual hookups with Nash are all Mimi Orlando wants—or at least that’s what she tells herself. When Nash suggests their relationship could be more than a series of one-night stands, she freaks. She dyes her hair every week—if she can’t commit to a color, how can she commit to a relationship?

But no one inspires Nash like Mimi, and no one has tempted Mimi out of her safe single life besides Nash. Can he convince her to take a chance on an overworked actor who’s too scared to perform his songs live? Can he face his own fears and finally allow their relationship to Take a Bow?


Take It All

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Book Three


Is this a relationship of convenience or an unexpected second chance at love?

Producing the reboot of classic teen show Sawyer’s Cove will move Selena Echeveria up another rung on the Hollywood ladder. All her energy is on making unforgettable television, but the small town of Misty Harbor, Connecticut, surprises her with a big distraction: she recognizes her landlord as her favorite author. She’s compelled to find out why he dropped off the grid to live in Misty Harbor—and why he’s so much sexier than his author photo.

Warner Mathis hasn’t written a word–or been with a woman–since his wife died five years ago. Now he takes care of rental properties, escaping his pain through manual labor. He hides behind his gruff reputation—until Selena, his unexpected, beautiful tenant, starts pushing at the rusted-shut door to his heart.

When a storm knocks out power to her rental, Selena shelters with Warner—and the lightning outside can’t match the heat they generate inside. Yet Warner’s afraid to move into the future when he’s still living with the ghosts of the past.

Second chances make for great television, but can Selena convince Warner he deserves another shot at love?

Kate’s Take

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Prequel Short Story

Kate Treanor is living a dream: she’s guest starring on her favorite TV show, the cult teen drama Sawyer’s Cove. Not only does she get to meet and work with her idols, but she gets to peek behind the curtain at all the backstage drama. Follow Kate as she learns who’s dating who, who hates who, and what big reveal the handsome, mysterious show runner has in store for the stars of Sawyer’s Cove.

Spend a day with Kate on the set of Sawyer’s Cove in this prequel story, which can be read as a standalone while introducing you to Misty Harbor, the setting for the Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot series.


Hot Take

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Short Story


Erika Rainwater loves the melodramatic storylines of her favorite television show, Sawyer’s Cove so much she hosts a popular podcast about it. She feels like she’s living out a superfan’s fantasy when she attends the show’s official convention and meets one of its cute, charismatic stars, Henry Yu. Turns out, Henry is a huge fan of hers and finds her even sexier in person than when it’s just her voice in his earbuds.

Stay tuned to find out if instant chemistry and a mutual love for all things Sawyer’s Cove means these two can find their happily ever after together.


Take a Chance

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot — Book Four


You should never share a hotel room with your crush.
Especially not when he thinks you hate him.

Pre-order this stand-alone, m/m holiday romance novella in the Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot series where Hollywood meets small town.