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Take Two

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot Book One

As teen stars, their young love splintered under the spotlight of fame.

Twelve years later, their incredible chemistry is still there…but is their relationship ready for a Take Two?

Jay Orlando used to be a lot of things—notorious heartthrob, second lead on cult favorite teen drama Sawyer’s Cove, and in hopeless first love with his costar Camille Corsair. Now he’s a humble bar owner reluctantly trading on his onetime fame while she’s a certified star. When Cami walks into his bar, the last thing he expects her to say are the words “reboot” and “contract.” While Cami is tempting as ever, Jay has no intention of reprising his role—on the show or in Cami’s life.

Cami’s fledgling producing career hinges on getting her ex-costar and the boy who broke her heart to sign on the dotted line. Her return to Misty Harbor, the small seaside town where they shot the original show, reminds her of a simpler time. She’s not expecting the place to feel like home, or to be reminded of all the reasons she fell in love with Jay Orlando in the first place.

Hollywood meets small-town New England in this brand-new steamy contemporary romance series.

Never a Bride: The Complete Series

The complete Never a Bride collection is here!

Binge these funny, sexy stories about four reluctant bridesmaids who each find their happily ever after in an unlikely place.

Nicole, bride-to-be and wannabe matchmaker, has assembled Rosie, Ophelia, Kate, and Lani to be bridesmaids for her society Santa Barbara wedding. Besides throwing the wedding of the decade, she wants to see her favorite gals as settled and happy as she is… only catch is each of these four ladies has vowed never to walk down the aisle herself.

One by one, each bridesmaid finds herself falling for the man of her dreams. All four full-length novels plus one bonus prequel short story are now available in one volume!




Can’t Hurry Love

Dating her husband isn’t on Lani’s to-do list, but she’s getting a second chance to learn you Can’t Hurry Love.

Staunchly single Lani Kalama is the only member of the Never a Bride club who’s managed to stay that way. What her fellow bridesmaids and best friends don’t know is that Lani has a secret—she’s already married. That pesky detail didn’t seem relevant when her husband lived on the other side of the country and she hadn’t seen him in six years, but then Reed Bennet walks back into her life and all bets are off. The moment Lani sees Reed she has to admit that he may have moved away, but she never moved on.
Reed thought Lani would follow him when he left Santa Barbara to pursue his dream of becoming a great writer, but it didn’t turn out that way. He’s never forgotten the woman he married—she’s even the inspiration for his bestselling children’s book series. Running into Lani on a book tour reveals that six years hasn’t erased their chemistry. Now Reed doesn’t want to just write about Lani, he wants her back in his life. Can he prove to her that you can’t hurry love?
Book four of the steamy series about four bridesmaids at a Santa Barbara society wedding who form a pact to be Never a Bride.



Can’t Fight This Feeling

You can fight your past, but you Can’t Fight This Feeling.

Kate Treanor gave up hope of having a family of her own when her fiancé died three years ago. But miracles—and mistakes—happen. After a scorching one-night stand with a stranger leaves her pregnant, Kate’s determined to raise the baby by herself. But when she encounters the criminally charismatic baby-daddy at her best friend’s wedding, she’s torn between getting him to sign away his parental rights and getting him back in bed.
Playboy Oliver Mercier is thrilled when Kate reappears in his life—until it turns out she’s more interested in having him forfeit his responsibilities than repeating a night he’s never forgotten. Oliver is faced with upending his lifestyle to become a co-parent with the baby-mama he’ll never stop wanting. He won’t stop fighting for her, because he can’t fight this feeling.


Book three of the steamy series about four bridesmaids at a Santa Barbara society wedding who form a pact to be Never a Bride.


Can’t Make You Love Me

You can’t make someone love you. But what if they already do?

Best friends Ophelia Winesap and Jamie Kendell both work with kids, adore dessert, and will be in-laws once their respective cousins finally tie the knot. Their friendship has one rule: no discussing love, sex, or romance. Self-declared spinster Ophelia doesn’t want to waste her energy when love is an illusion and sex isn’t nearly as satisfying as a chocolate cupcake.

Jamie uses their pact to avoid telling Ophelia he’s been pining for her since they met, but things get complicated when a night of platonic bed-sharing leads to Jamie’s discovery that Ophelia might be just as attracted to him as he is to the curvy blonde. And when the bride-to-be demands their plus-ones to the wedding, Ophelia finds herself hoping Jamie won’t want to bring anyone but her.

Friends with benefits is one thing, but a real relationship is so much more. While Jamie’s ready to commit, Ophelia’s a proud member of the “Never a Bride” club. Jamie knows he can’t make Ophelia love him back… but maybe she already does?


Book two of a steamy new series about four bridesmaids at a Santa Barbara society wedding who form a pact to be Never a Bride.


Can’t Help Falling in Love

Keeping this staycation fling casual turns out to be impossible when you just can’t help falling in love.

Dr. Rosie Snyder doesn’t do vacations. Period. So when she’s ordered to take three weeks off, she’s at a loss until her best friend ropes her into fulfilling some bridesmaid duties by organizing an engagement party. Gus Cuevas, a cute gardener at the party’s venue, might be the perfect distraction.

When Rosie suggests Gus complete her vacation checklist with a fling, he quickly agrees. He knows the driven doctor would never fit into his live-for-the-now lifestyle of surfing, sunshine, and cerveza, but spending a few weeks with the beautiful brunette suits him just fine.

It’s not long before Gus realizes that three weeks together isn’t enough—he wants a lifetime. But Rosie’s not looking for happy ever after…even if it turns out she just can’t help falling in love.


Book one of a steamy new series about four bridesmaids at a Santa Barbara society wedding who form a pact to be Never a Bride.

Endless Devotion

What better way to keep her ex at a distance than by becoming engaged? Of course, Katya Noskov’s betrothal to a fellow Weston University professor is just a sham, but she’ll do anything to avoid becoming ensnared in the seductive trap set by Devak Batra, her charismatic ex, who just happens to be the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Dev arrives on Weston’s campus to give the commencement address at the graduation ceremony and to propose to Katya while he’s at it. The last thing he expects is for her to announce her engagement to someone else. Undaunted, he’s determined to talk her out of her betrothal and back into his bed.

When Katya and Dev come together, sparks fly, clothes come off, and nothing, not even an engagement ring, can stop them from acting on their physical desires. From passionate stolen kisses to trysts in the rain, these two can’t keep their hands off each other, but steamy sex can’t resolve Katya’s reasons for leaving Dev in the first place. He must show he can make room for her in his life, not just his bed, if she can consider a future with the sexiest member of the Cabinet.

Will Katya’s fake engagement lead to a real proposal? Can Dev’s devotion survive distance, lies, and acts of congress?

The third of three erotic novellas set at the reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, where lust leads to true love.

Sweet Imperfection

Emma Chen-Delvaux is finding her ten-year college reunion almost more than she can handle. It seems her classmates all married and procreated overnight, leaving her behind. Running into her old friend Nate Hirsch is a welcome distraction, especially when they renew their decade-old flirtation and it turns out he’s more than willing to move their banter into the bedroom.

Nate Hirsch has been keeping his distance from women since his debacle of a marriage. Sweet, sexy Emma is the perfect prescription for surviving reunion weekend and moving on from the betrayals of his ex. He can’t help falling for the one who got away, but secrets from Emma’s past have the potential to derail their affair before it can ripen into something more.

Do Emma and Nate have what it takes to make it as a couple, or do their imperfections destine them for nothing more than one red-hot reunion weekend?

The second of three erotic novellas set at the reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, where lust leads to true love.



Passionate History

On the eve of her college graduation, Bree Ross seduces her favorite art history professor. She doesn’t expect buttoned-up Professor Worthy to give her the best sex of her life, or anticipate that leaving him to start her post-college life would be so difficult. Their unforgettable encounter haunts her, and five years later, she finds herself back on campus for her college reunion—with a specific goal in mind. How hard could it be to convince her ex-professor to write her a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

Straight-laced Professor Aidan Worthy has adhered to his carefully-aligned morals his entire teaching career…until Bree Ross walks into his classroom. Guilt plagues him for his one transgression because that one amazing night has been seared onto his brain. When she waltzes back into his life after five years of silence, he’s not thrilled. But he can’t deny the illicit spark they once shared has not disappeared, and he worries he won’t be able to resist temptation a second time.

Over the course of the tumultuous reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, rain, relatives, and rental cars force the two to confront their sizzling desire and burgeoning feelings. Is their passionate history enough to keep them together, or will it drive them apart?

The first of three erotic novellas set at the reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, where lust leads to true love.

Love Unlocked

available from Decadent Publishing in print and ebook

All she wants is a fresh start…

Retired art thief Eve Caplin traveled all the way from Paris to California looking for a fresh start in a small town. When she locks herself out of her home, she gets much more than she bargained for in Hudson Cleary, part-time locksmith and world famous artist. She wants to resist Hudson’s seductive pull, but can’t refuse his help when a man from her past blackmails her into stealing a ten million dollar painting. Not only does Hudson have access to the painting, he may hold the key to her damaged heart.

All he wants is her…

Hudson hasn’t picked up a paintbrush in two years. When he unlocks Eve Caplin’s door, the mysterious beauty arouses much more than just his creative impulses. He needs Eve in his studio and wants her in his bed. When he discovers danger closing in, he must decide how far over the line he’s willing to go to protect her.

Will he lose his heart, his muse, and his freedom all in one unforgettable night?