Take a class with Libby through the Westport Writers’ Workshop! Located in Westport, CT, classes are currently being offered via Zoom, which means you can attend from anywhere! Visit the Workshop website for up-to-date class offerings, including Intro to Romance and more.

Libby is available for in-person workshops as well as virtual workshops given live via video conferencing software. See below for topics and lengths. Email Libby for availability and rates–> libby @ libbywaterford.com


  • Organization for Writers (1 hour): Drawing on her experience as a professional organizer specializing in clutter clearing and digital organization, Libby shares motivational tips for getting and staying organized, as well as improving efficiency to make the most of your writing time.
  • Getting in the Flow (1 hour): Get into the flow with your writing and stay there! Libby offers concrete tips and tools to help you increase your word count and maximize your writing time so you can get to The End faster and without tearing (as much of) your hair out. Learn how to carve writing time out of your schedule (even with a full household) and how to make those words flow every time you sit down to write. 
  • Writing Faster (1 hour): Libby shares her best mindset, plotting, and workflow tips in this concise, energizing workshop. 
  • Self Publishing Basics (1 or 2 hours): Your self-publishing journey will be as unique as your writing journey, and this workshop will help you understand the basic areas you will need to consider as you take your first steps down the self-publishing path. We will cover how to know when your book is ready, packaging your book, distributing the finished product, as well as next steps like marketing and advertising. This workshop will give you a comprehensive overview plus helpful resources so you can explore each area on your own after the class. You’ll get a clear picture of what self-publishing involves (including what it costs!) and be able to ask questions from a self-published author.
  • Polish Your Manuscript (1 or 2 hours): Whether you are intending to query agents, submit to publishing houses directly, or self publish, your manuscript needs to be more than finished—it needs to be polished. This workshop will give you a checklist and plan for polishing your manuscript to a shine so you can achieve your publishing goals. We’ll discuss self-editing, knowing when you’re “done,” working with beta readers and editors, and how to use editing software to help you create your best possible book. After this workshop, you will feel confident proceeding to the next stage of your publishing path.
  • High Concepts and Tropes: Stories that Sell (1 or 2 hours): What is a “high concept” book? How is high concept different from a trope? Most agents and editors won’t take on a project unless they can clearly see how to market it. We’ll discuss how to develop an idea into a story that will sell. 
  • NaNoWriMo Prep (1 or 2 hours): Have you ever wondered why all the fuss about National Novel Writing Month? If writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days sounds exciting, this class will help you plan out your month so you have the best chance to meet your word-count goal. If writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days sounds like torture, come learn about why doing NaNoWriMo can be liberating and help you evolve your writing process. Contemporary romance author Libby Waterford has participated in National Novel Writing Month every year since 2008 and has completed the challenge 7 times, most recently in 2022.


“Your NaNoWriMo class was brilliant and it changed my life!” —P.M.

“Libby was wonderful. She’s very hands on and great with questions, as well as very knowledgeable, especially in her genre. She’s very supportive, and is fair but constructive with her students. I would definitely take another course with her.” —WWW Student