Never play Truth or Dare with your crush. Or should you?

Painfully shy Spencer Crosby planned to take his crush on his Sawyer’s Cove co-star to the grave. But when they’re forced to share a hotel room while riding out a Christmas snowstorm in Misty Harbor, the layers of armor protecting his decade-old secret get peeled away during a revealing game of Truth or Dare.

Darren Silverstein prides himself on being able to make friends with a mailbox, but he’s never been able to get anywhere with standoffish TV star Crosby. When it turns out that Crosby’s attitude has its roots in attraction, not aversion, suddenly Darren sees their entire relationship in a whole new light.

Years of misconceptions get stripped away inside their tiny hotel room while a white-out storm rages outside. After being honest with each other for the first time, Darren dares Crosby to take a chance on their mutual desire, hoping to find out if their unexpected friendship could turn into a lifelong love. It might just take a holiday miracle.

Enjoy this stand-alone, m/m holiday romance novella in the Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot series where Hollywood meets small town.

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot

Twelve years after being canceled, a beloved teen drama gets the green light for a reboot—and the show’s once and future stars upend lives in the small seaside town where it’s filmed.