Falling for your secret no-strings fling is never a great idea—but it’s even worse when she’s your best friend’s sister. 

Returning to Misty Harbor to film a new season of Sawyer’s Cove is as close to a vacation as Nash Speedwell is going to get. Between acting in a big-budget historical epic series, raising money for charity, and doing endless press tours, he barely has time for his other gig as a singer-songwriter. He’s excited to return to the role that made him a star—and he’s even more excited to be near Mimi Orlando. Mimi is more than the big sister of Nash’s best friend and a librarian with a wild streak — for years, every time he’s visited Misty Harbor, Nash has found his way to Mimi’s bed.

Casual hookups with Nash are all Mimi Orlando wants—or at least that’s what she tells herself. When Nash suggests their relationship could be more than a series of one-night stands, she freaks. She dyes her hair every week—if she can’t commit to a color, how can she commit to a relationship?

But no one inspires Nash like Mimi, and no one has tempted Mimi out of her safe single life besides Nash. Can he convince her to take a chance on an overworked actor who’s too scared to perform his songs live? Can he face his own fears and finally allow their relationship to Take a Bow?

Take a Bow is a steamy, stand-alone, full-length novel in the Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot series, where Hollywood meets small-town New England.

Sawyer’s Cove: The Reboot

Twelve years after being canceled, a beloved teen drama gets the green light for a reboot—and the show’s once and future stars upend lives in the small seaside town where it’s filmed.

Enjoy an excerpt from Take a Bow

Tumbleweeds roll down Hollywood Boulevard.
Neon lights lie so pretty.
This desert town will let you down hard.
—”Stranger,” The Nash Speedwell Experience


“Hiya, Mimi.”

Mimi Orlando stared at him, pert mouth ajar. He registered the soft blush on her high cheekbones, the general air of messiness in her office, and the fact that his music was playing over her laptop’s speakers, a little tinny, but clear.

He grinned. “Hey, I know this song.”

She closed her mouth, fumbled with her computer keyboard. The music abruptly cut off. “Nash.”

“Hey.” He couldn’t help the warmth that infused his voice. Being around Mimi always grounded him. He hadn’t known how anxious he was to see her until he found himself tracking her down at work. Now that he thought about it, he probably shouldn’t have just shown up with no warning.

She didn’t look particularly happy at the interruption. He cursed himself for forgetting just because he was on no particular schedule at the moment, it didn’t mean everyone had the same freedom.

“I should have texted first, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She pushed some of her curly hair behind her ears. It was longer than the last time he saw her, and a different color. Today it was mostly her natural brown, with a thick shock of electric blue. “You just get into town?”

“Yeah, this morning. Got settled into my place, but I thought maybe you’d want to get together later. You free for dinner?”

“I might have to work,” she said quickly.

“Oh.” He was surprised at the disappointment flooding his gut. “How late is the library open?”

“Six. I have a lot of work to do on our upcoming fundraiser. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Again, he reminded himself the world didn’t revolve around him. “Maybe tomorrow?”

He didn’t mistake the hesitation on her part this time. “Um…”

Was it something he’d said or done? Something he hadn’t said or done? He and Mimi had always been straight with each other, and he didn’t think that had changed in the months since he’d last seen her.

“Let’s catch up before things get busy with the show.”

Her eyes flicked to her computer screen and back. “Yeah, okay. Tomorrow night. You want to meet at The Cove?”

He dug the laid-back vibe at Jay’s bar, but the food was nothing special. “How about the seafood place at the harbor? I’ve been craving oysters.”

“Harborview?” She seemed surprised at the suggestion.

“Yeah, that place. Seven?”