Libby is available for in-person workshops as well as virtual workshops given live via video conferencing software. See below for topics and lengths. Email Libby for availability and rates.

Organization for Writers (1 hour): Drawing on her experience as a professional organizer specializing in clutter clearing and digital organization, Libby shares motivational tips for getting and staying organized, as well as improving efficiency to make the most of your writing time.

Conflict in Contemporary Romance (1 or 2 hours): Keeping two contemporary characters from reaching their happy ending prematurely can be challenging to achieve. We’ll look at how to build conflict from page one, so the happily ever after feels well-earned and satisfying.

High Concepts and Tropes: Stories that Sell (1 hour): What is a “high concept” book? How is high concept different from a trope? Most agents and editors won’t take on a project unless they can clearly see how to market it. We’ll discuss how to develop an idea into a story that will sell.

Perfecting Your Pitch (1 or 2 hours): First hour: We’ll learn the elements of a successful in-person pitch to an agent or editor and tips for walking away with a request. Second hour: Pitch practice, where volunteers give a short pitch and I critique. Wrap-up: post-pitch etiquette and how to submit after a request.