I adore Goodreads. (Friend me!) Every year they encourage users to declare a reading challenge, and I love a challenge. I’m pretty competitive, especially with myself. I love being able to look back on my year in books.

2020 was one of the strangest reading years. I rely on the library for many of the books I read, so the few months when there was no library access at all were really tough. I read more ebooks than usual, for sure. I also read (as per usual) probably four times as much fanfiction as regular books. If only more fanfiction was on Goodreads!

My work at Westport Writers’ Workshop lead me to read a lot of fantastic craft books, and the Picture Book class I took turned me on to so many amazing authors I hadn’t read before, like Susan Hood and Matthew Cordell. For stress relief and escapism there’s nothing better than a Jack Reacher book. I read so many excellent romances this year, I can’t pick a favorite, but I can recommend every single one I read.

I can’t wait to fill up my virtual bookshelf again in 2021! What were your favorite reads of 2020?