A number of friends and even family members of mine have put out books lately. I’ve got to give them shout-outs here (especially since I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet and I’m feeling guilty).

First, my stepmom, Julie, wrote this amazing memoir, titled Gracie’s Tail: Conversations With DoG, that focusses on her relationship with animals and her journey toward a fuller understanding of animal communication. I was privileged to read an early draft, and I can’t wait to read the published version.

One of my best friends from college, Roslyn Ross, just published a short book called A Theory of Objectivist Parenting. I have no idea what it means, but I can’t wait to find out.

Now, back to romance, my friend Danube Adele has released her latest Dreamwalkers novel, Dreams of a Wild Heart. I’m so looking forward to revisiting the fascinating world she’s created with the Dreamwalkers series. If you like sassy heroines, hot heroes, and a mix of earthly and extraterrestrial settings, you will dig this series.

And ok, I’m not friends with her, but I feel like I know her after reading her for almost twenty years, Julia Quinn has a book coming out in a few weeks. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy is the last book in the Smythe-Smith quartet and as I have loved each of the previous three books, I’m looking forward to this one hugely.

I hope you’ll check these out if they pique your interest. Wish me luck on getting them from my to-read pile to my review pile!