It’s been way, way, way, way too long since I updated this blog. Moving, resettling in a new city, state, and time zone, and being the mom to a toddler and a preschooler had a way of taking up every waking minute and more. But, I’m happy to say that I’ve kept writing and have several manuscripts waiting for me to polish up. It is really freeing to write without a contract or deadline. I’ve been able to weave stories that I’d want to pick up in a bookstore without overthinking them. Are they commercial enough? Are they marketable? Those are real, important questions for down the line, and I hope the answer to them is “yes!” but in the meantime, nothing beats the fun of writing something new every day and watching characters become real because of what I type out on a blank screen. I often liken writing to a form of childbirth–there is certainly a lot of labor involved!–but it is also a sort of alchemy. It never fails to boggle my mind that something as intangible as an idea can appear out of nowhere in my brain, filter down through my consciousness, and somehow get regurgitated up through my fingers into words, sentences, paragraphs that tell a story and might even make sense to someone else reading them one day. It’s magic. It’s hard work. Aren’t the most amazing things in this life a mixture of the two?