Since I have two small children, I find myself documenting their firsts a lot. First steps, first words, first haircut. After those initial milestones, there are different firsts to look forward to. First day of school. First night away from home. First (gasp!) date. But I like to remember that my kids aren’t the only ones discovering new things. We never stop having firsts. Just this past week I tried my first oysters. I like seafood and shellfish and I love sushi, but I’d never had the chance to try fresh, raw oysters before. It doesn’t help that my husband is allergic to shellfish, but that’s neither here nor there. And it turns out I’m an oyster person, definitely. What a delight to not only discover something new to enjoy, but to discover another bit about myself as a person. And it’s nice to know that we never stop having new experiences and new firsts.

libby likes oysters