Besides writing and raising my 17 month-old son, the other thing I spend a good chunk of time on is cooking. I really love to bake, but since I don’t need more reasons to eat sugar, lately I’ve been cooking healthier options. I also got a slow cooker for my birthday, which has been fun to figure out.

A corollary to cooking a lot is collecting a lot recipes. I have two entire bookshelves filled with cookbooks, magazines, and torn out or hand written recipes. The last category is what really kills me. I used to (before baby) keep my loose recipes in lovely organized binders (I’m also a professional organizers – but more on that later). For the past year and a half, the recipe collecting hasn’t stopped, but the organization has, and now I have a mountain of paper that seems to taunt me every time I pass it. How could I even find a recipe I wanted to make without digging through the entire pile? The inefficiency galls me.

recipe stack

The dreaded stack.

So, as an avoidance technique, I’ve taken to using online recipes more and more. For the most part, they work out well, especially if they have comments and you can kind of extrapolate how to improve on the recipe to your tastes. But sometimes you get a dud. I feel like my own collection is more reliable. Again, the inefficiency!

 I should probably stop blogging about this and just go organize my recipes.


A recipe I wish I had time to make.