To write or to rest? I’m faced with this eternal dilemma. My two-and-a-half-year-old started preschool a few weeks ago, which leaves me more time than I’ve ever had since he was born to spend as I like. A few months ago, I’d be salivating for that extra time to write. Now, though, I’m 34 weeks pregnant with another boy. The pregnancy is much more tiring (and painful) this time around, due to, and on top of, the physical nature of parenting an active preschooler. The other day I actually sat on the couch with my laptop and fell asleep with it in my lap! (I’m not known as a napper.) I know I need to rest since once the baby comes I’ll really be desperate for some shut-eye, but I feel guilty when I choose resting over my book. Balance in all things is the advice I’ve been getting. Rest a little, write a little. I’m doing my best. I really can’t wait to meet my little one. I just hope I can finish the novella I’m working on before he arrives!