Passionate History will be available everywhere next Friday. I’m so excited, I just had to share a short excerpt with you! Enjoy–I hope it whets your appetite for more Aidan and Bree.

“Can I be of some assistance?” he asked, his voice mild. She jerked up at his words.

“Professor—Aidan,” she said, sounding embarrassed.

Good. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to find my rental car. I think I parked it somewhere around here, and I can’t exactly remember what it looks like.”

“Can’t you click the remote key? If it’s nearby the lights will go off when you unlock it.” There, his brain had produced a sensible suggestion, even as it occupied itself with cataloguing her scent, the tired smudges under her eyes, and the curve of her hips outlined by a flowy skirt.

“I would, except the only car left on the lot was some micro-budget sedan. I can’t remember the model.” She held her key out to him. “No remote entry.”

“Can you call the rental car company?”

“I tried. They’re closed.”

Aidan stood in the street, staring at her. Bree Ross. Former student. Former lover. It was unbelievably frustrating how much he still desired her. But perhaps this was the universe telling him he had a second chance to be a gentleman.

“Well, you can’t go around looking in every car on campus. You’ll get arrested. Come on, I can give you a ride.”

“Oh, no, thanks. I can walk.”

“It’s pitch black and about to rain. I’m not letting you walk anywhere alone tonight.”

“I can go to the green, to the dance. I can catch a ride with a friend.”

“Then I’ll walk you to the dance.”

“That’s all right—”

“Bree.” His voice was a warning. “Don’t be an idiot. Let me help you.”

From Passionate History by Libby Waterford, a contemporary erotic novella available 8/29/14 from Decadent Publishing.