Wow! My first writing conference was amazing. The conference organizers really did a bang-up job making a three day event that was intimate, informative, and entertaining. I met some wonderful new people from different chapters and got to know some of the members of my own chapter much better. I learned a ton and my brain is still racing with ideas I want to put into action in my next book.

The fangirl in me was super excited to see Julia Quinn give her keynote speech, which was funny and heartfelt. I also took her workshop on dialogue (and she knows dialogue) and even stood in line to meet her at the book signing. There was an incredibly excited girl in line in front of me who was so nervous to be meeting Julia that she almost hyperventilated. It  kind of reminded me how important romance novels are – they make people happy and help them to dream and I think that’s a great thing.

Julia Quinn keynote

Julia Quinn’s keynote

I’ll be spending the next few weeks polishing my latest manuscript to get it out to the editor and agent who asked to see it after I pitched it to them. Then, on to a new work!

conference books

My haul of free books from the conference.