I’m learning that spring in Connecticut is an inconstant thing, prone to mood swings and impossible to predict. Sort of like some annoying romance heroines, to tell the truth. The warmer than average winter we had was a nice way to ease into East Coast life, but as the days being to warm in earnest, and (a little late March snow notwithstanding) the trees and plants start to bud and burst more fully into life, I find I actually miss the slower pace that winter weather brings. The chill air and the icy, wet, and snowy days are a reason, and an excuse, to stay inside, be cozy, and contemplate less active pastimes. Still, there’s nothing like seeing green buds on a plant that has been brown and dormant all winter to give one a sense of time passing and a jolt of excitement for all the beauty of spring, and all the fun of summer. Summer brings its own deadline with it, as I will attend the national conference of Romance Writers of America, pitching my new series to editors and agents (hopefully!). I’ve been doing so much writing in the last year and a half, and very little in the way of the other work that authors do, namely, finding a way to get the work out there. Well, there are seasons for all things and that one is nearly upon me.

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