After the longest winter I’ve experienced since moving to Connecticut three years ago, we finally got our spring. My garden has exploded with flowers, and yes, weeds. I’ve been thinking a lot about the weeds that dot my lawn. We just moved into this house in July, so we haven’t had quite a full year experiencing the changes that the seasons bring. And after years spent in California, where sometimes it really does feel like you are living in permanent summer, there’s even more to get used to.

dandelion weed
I’ve decided that I love every dandelion and clover patch in my decidedly not picture-perfect lawn. I’m not even that interested in keeping the lawn as is. I have a feeling that the longer I live here and the more time I spend outside, the more the flower beds are going to encroach on the grass. My neighbors are just going to have to get used to seeing more of an au naturale look. I know these plants aren’t exactly native, but they do look beautiful–yellow and white and pink and blue among the relentless green. Connecticut really has the most stunning greens, from emerald to moss to lemon-lime. I’ve got to soak it up in the next few months until everything gives way to gold and brown.

lawn studded with weeds
So I’m loving the garden in all it’s weed-studded glory. I’m also knee-deep in a first draft of a new book, which I will be pitching at RWA Nationals in July. The draft is growing as quickly as my lawn and I hope my revisions on it go as smoothly as writing the first draft has gone. Here’s hoping!