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Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show

  1. The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (and all the Russell/Holmes novels): Laurie R. King’s first Mary Russell novel just begs to made into an arty, funny, exciting Masterpiece Mystery miniseries. I’ve even toyed with writing a treatment of it myself. Mary Russell is one of my all time favorite literary characters and King’s take on Sherlock Holmes is witty and sexy. Please, someone, make my dream come true!
  2. Gone Girl: Okay, so this one is kind of cheating because I know it will be made into a movie. But I’m really interested in how they are going to translate it for the screen, and how the casting is going to work out.
  3. Pleasure for Pleasure: It would be fun to see any of Eloisa James’ wonderful historicals come to life, but I like this one because it has a great secondary romance.
  4. It Stings So Sweet: Stephanie Draven’s Jazz Age erotic romance is ripe for an adaptation. You could make a very hot movie out of the stylish vignettes.
  5. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton: Can’t you see the Bridgerton miniseries now? I especially want to see how they would cast Colin and Penelope, one of my favorite fictional couples.
  6. Her Fearful Symmetry: I really enjoyed Audrey Niffenegger’s followup to The Time Traveler’s Wife, and think it would make a visually interesting movie.
  7. Lisa Kleypas’ Friday Harbor series: These slightly magical contemporary romances set on gorgeous San Juan Island in Washington state would make a delightful miniseries.
  8. The President’s Daughter: This is a random young adult novel that I read about a million times when I was a young teen. It’s the story of the first female president’s teenage daughter and has a nice little romance subplot.
  9. Lois Lowry’s Anastasia series: Another young adult series that looms large in my memory. Anastasia Krupnik is a wonderfully funny heroine and even though the time period is dated, her teenage problems are universal. Could be a fun TV show.
  10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Yeah, I know they’ve tried to make this a couple of times, but I’m not really a fan of either attempt. What was cool about Dahl’s story was that it was really grounded in reality, there was just this larger than life factory there to highlight the absurdities of life.

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