One of the buzz phrases in genre fiction is high concept. You might have heard this phrase in the sentence, “Your story is not high concept enough.” Well, not every story needs to be high concept, but it’s nice to know what it means, anyway. In my two-hour remote video workshop with the Westport Writers’ Workshop, I’ll be breaking down what high concept means, how it can be helpful to define your story, and how to take a story idea and make it more high concept. The class will also delve into tropes: what are they, why do readers respond to them, and how to take a trope and make it your own. Tropes are very common in romance fiction, but are also present in mystery and other genres.

To learn more about this class, or to register, visit the Westport Writers’ Workshop website or email me! Space is limited.

What: High Concepts and Tropes with Libby Waterford
When: Saturday, February 22, 2020 2PM-4PM Eastern
Cost: $75
To register