We haven’t had much rain in Southern California this winter. As I write this post, it’s an unseasonably warm 84 degrees outside and I’m contemplating the air conditioner. But even though it is typically gorgeous outside, I’m inside, suffering from a version of my 11 month old’s cold, listening to him cough his little heart out, and managing to find snatches of time to do some preparation for the upcoming SoCal RWA conference, even though my husband is also down with a cold and sick in the next room. Everyone said that once you have kids you get sick a lot, and we’ve been lucky, but it just isn’t fun when everyone is sick together. I’m motivated to get better, because I want to be in top shape to meet some fellow writers and learn a lot at the conference. My son is motivated to get better so he can go to his first swimming lesson on Friday. My husband is motivated to get better so he can get back to work and away from the craziness that is a long, full day with an active almost-toddler.

Here’s to Emergen-C and peppermint tea!